2022 Friday Sessions and Zoom Signup – July 22nd

All times are Central.

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Note that recordings for all sessions (except in-person-only sessions as noted) will be available for viewing after the conference. 

Download an at-a-glance spreadsheet of the whole “Meeting of the Minds” conference schedule.

9:00-9:50 a.m.

A Little Bit(coin) About Cryptocurrency and Your Fundraising
Bob Burdenski and TBA
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Bitcoin has been in a bit of a free-fall lately, but are you missing out by not offering cryptocurrency as a giving payment option ?  Learn some of the opportunities, challenges, warnings and solutions for offering crypto-philanthropy at your institution.   Block(chain) some time for this crypto chat.

Chair Yoga!

Heidi Hopewell, South Dakota State University
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Yoga isn’t something that has to be done in a studio. There are easy ways to incorporate yoga into your everyday life, whether you’re working at a desk, traveling, or attending a conference. 😊 Taking a moment to stretch is beneficial for relieving stress, increasing productivity, and helping general overall well-being. It’s also a great way to take some strain off your joints and help you focus better on your tasks at hand. We’ll take some time during this session to increase your flexibility, help your concentration, and give you a little mood booster for the rest of your day. This is a class for all level types and all ranges of mobility. The only thing you will need is a chair.

10:00-11:15 a.m.

Thirty Years of FundList: The Greatest Ideas Ever Shared
Bob Burdenski, Robert Burdenski Annual Giving
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Public use of email began in the 1990s.  In 1992, the first online fundraising forum began as a listserv at Johns Hopkins University. For the first time, fundraisers could immediately exchange questions, answers and therapy with each other. Celebrating its 30th year, FundList has thousands of current members and hundreds-of-thousands of alumni. Bob has now been the Fundlist moderator (and janitor) for more than half of its history, and will share his collection of the most useful ideas, examples and words of wisdom from those thirty years. Join him for a multi-channel walk through fundraising history and see a big box of fundraising ideas that have stood the test of time.

An Independent School Advancement Forum
Filomena Spero, North Side Montessori School, Teresa Sutter, The Latin School of Chicago, Connie Molzberger, The Francis W. Parker School, Kristine Petroshius, Lake Forest Academy
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Independent schools bring their own fundraising and engagement opportunities and challenges.  Join a discussion about parent giving, event and benefit fundraising, project-specific fundraising and all things distinctive to independent schools. 

The Power of Crowdfunding
Shaina Spencer, University of Iowa
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For years crowdfunding was looked at as a very small piece of the puzzle at Iowa but over the last two years we have seen exponential growth. Join us as we dive into the impact you can make on your overall Annual Giving strategy when you harness the power of crowdfunding.

11:30-12:45 p.m.

Reports, Dashboards and Data:  Information Delivery Needs
Meredith Howell, University of Illinois Chicago
Christina Pulawski, Zuri Group
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What used to be “reporting” now encompasses myriad flavors of information delivery – lists, analytics, alerts, interactive dashboards. In this session we’ll outline what data a program needs to operate and evolve, and the best ways to consume it: from simple operations that trigger activities to analytical frameworks that drive strategy and innovation, including your own favorite tools and samples.

A Digital Fundraising Forum
Ramona Maza, University of Illinois Chicago, Deidra Miles, DePaul University and Shaina Spencer, University of Iowa Foundation
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Giving days.  Crowdfunding.  Retargeting.  Social media.  Bring all of your questions, channels, ideas and solutions to an open forum about multi-channel digital fundraising.  Three practitioners from three different institutions come together for a collaborative chat about  all things digital philanthropy. 

The Journey From Phonathon Room to “Advancement Center”
Adrianne Penney, Oakland University
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Oakland University has been conscientiously working to incorporate more storytelling into its call center — moving away from needing to get off the phone in a certain number of minutes in favor of longer, more meaningful conversations. Additionally Oakland onboarded some new technology (texting and video most notably) and empowered students to take more ownership over the advancement center’s management (including training, interviews, scripting, etc.), which was a big departure from years past.   Hear first-hand from Adrienne about how it’s all going and bring stories from your own call center journey.

12:45 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

Lunch on your own – and then re-convene for the closing conference sessions at the Buckingham Fountain at 2 p.m!

2:00-3:30 p.m.

Closing Session
Your Favorite Fountain-Side Fundraising Questions Answered
Christina Pulawski, Zuri Group
Meredith Howell, University of Illinois, Chicago
Erin Allen, University of Iowa Foundation
Bob Burdenski and Others TBA

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Live from Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain, (weather permitting) join us in-person or live on Zoom to hear a collection of champagne-sipping Chicago annual giving and advancement services fundraisers tell us the inside story:  What’s it like to receive a check from Mackenzie Scott (UIC)?  Will it affect your annual giving case for support messaging?   Does having a winning NCAA basketball team (Loyola) improve fundraising?   Are we all really heading back to the office (everyone)?  Ask questions in the chat, and we’ll yell them out loud.  And join us for a toast wherever you are.  It’s a fun and free-flowing hybrid finale to the 2022 Midwest Meeting of the Minds. Followed by…

Closing “Fountain Drinks” and Networking
All Conference Attendees

If you can linger in the Windy City, spend some time with your colleagues in the middle of a fine Chicago Friday!